18th Sep 2012

IDT Energy Scam Review

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the JOB Portion of this “Scam Company”. Lets talk about them in general and the shady practices they use in getting customers and how they use anything and everything in the book to lie to you so you do switch and the people who’ve come to your door make a comission. You’ll find some topics on the matter but in the end your better off staying with PSE&G as your provider or CON EDISON. The people who do sign up and fall victim to this company will get a price lock of two months and after that your paying more than you would have if you stayed with PSE&G or CON EDISON. The worse part is the people will harrass you come to your door and invade as much as possible just to get you to sign up. They’re number one tactic is “Can we see a gas or electric bill of yours”. Dont show them, and don’t hand them one and this is why. They travel in twos and threes one will distract you and talk your ear off while the other one or two will WRITE DOWN ALL OF YOUR BILL INFO. Now you may think nothing of it at the time but once they have that info they forge your signature as if you wanted to switch and you won’t know this til your first bill comes in and it’s from IDT Energy. Yes shady tactics from a SCAM COMPANY.

If you see people walking or scouring your neighborhood wearing IDT Energy badges, or worse the ones who’ve been at it a while wont wear them and say “Where doing a survey” or “We work for Con ED”. They prey on anyone and everyone including the people who work for them. Its sad because they will ring doorbells look through windows and do anything to get you to come to the door and even threaten/physcially get abusive with you as was the case with a Husband and wife team where COPs where called. Now they have a sign saying no “IDT Energy” People allowed. It’s scary when you think about it because a lot of people don’t realize this and end up giving in to their “Talk” switch over or worse never switched over end up getting their bill and seeing IDT energy thinking nothing of it and let it go. What they don’t realize is the people who came to your door forged your signature and made you switch by stealing your information. This company needs to be stopped and something needs to be done before things get worse. Not only does their hiring tactics and recruiting bring about distress to the hundreds of people a week that go to these hole in the wall hiring centers but what they make these people do.

AVOID Anyone and everyone who works for or calls from IDT Energy. They are a legit scam and are only looking to make money off of you. The employees use shady tactics and if you did switch CALL THEM IMMEDIATELY And CANCEL your service with them. DONT SUPPORT them or their company in anyway shape or form. Take it from someone who’s had inside knowledge and knows when a company isn’t legit. If they where as good as they claim they would have a central office in NJ and NY and pay their people hourly and not commission based. They would save you hundreds instead of $7 to $20 a month on your energy bills and have no reason to for a two month guarantee. We live in a world where anyone and everyone can pollute the system and make a quick buck. IDT Energy is a scam if i’ve ever seen one and when you do see them tell them to leave you, and your neighbors alone and you don’t want them there. If you can follow them around and take pictures with your phone it’ll irritate them so much they end up leaving. Don’t buy from them and don’t show them your energy bills stay as far as you can from them, and they people that work for them.

18th Sep 2012

IDT Energy Jobs Scam Review

Lets talk about IDT Energy Jobs. Firstly the company uses what I would describe as a very shady practice. If you’ve noticed a lot of how they get people to go “Door To Door” for them and deliver them business is by taking people from any area and contact them VIA their email or cell phone. Much of what they do is post VIA Craigslist and other listing sites and promise $400 to $600 a week and say “Customer Service, Marketing, Etc”. The places they ask you to go are hole in the wall hiring centers that come and go. One week your going to either Brooklyn, Upstate New York Or Paterson NJ. These hiring centers are only there to get people to go out and sell their business what they don’t tell you is it’s a commision based job and that your commision is very low and you won’t make money because 9 out of 10 people will either tell you to leave, or waste your time. This coupled with the fact that this type of job is a SCAM and has it written all over it.

The recruiting offices are like said hole in the walls. The recruiters are trying to get as many heads as possible so they make money from each person they get to sign up, including a bonus for every person who stays throughout the program. I would suggest never working for this company and avoid anything with JMS Direct, smmidtownpromo. From their emails and phone manner you may think it’s an amazing job and legit but in the end it’s not. From people walking in thinking they’re getting hired to do a customer service job and work for a legit company, and turning right around and walking out once their told it’s commision based and you will be going all over NJ and the NY Areas trying to get customers to switch from PSE&G to them. A lot of the people who are working for them it’s the only job they have and the tactics they use will land you hot trouble should the owners of the property ever call the COPs. They work in teams and the lead person you work with will get the sale and you will be left “Commission-less”.

So when looking for JOBs and IDT Energy comes up or smmidtownpromo comes up VIA Craigslist or other listing sites for jobs AVOID it. It’s waste of your time and energy. If you do go through with it, you’ll end up always getting yelled at by home owners or owners in general. It doesn’t matter if your going to apartments or business’s your going to get the boot right away. The worse part about this whole IDT Energy company is they’ve been in the news and in hot water for their tactics of how they hire people and how they make these people go door to door. A lot of the upper MNGMT or super visor that’s with the people who are going around can land you in hot water from how they get business and how they sucker people into taking IDT Energy. So please avoid them at all costs and do not go to any meetings, if you’ve by accident sent your resume in if they call tell them you don’t want to set up or meeting and if they can delete your resume. This company is in no way shape or form “Real” and the tactics they use or even more “Shady”.